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List of stuff I enjoy

Something I like, maybe you can try it?

Zhenghao Wu


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This post is part 1 of 4 in the Keep List series.

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Table of Contents

1 Article

2 Book

2.1 Kevin Kelly Trilogy:

2.2 Isaac Asimov:

2.3 Qiu Cixin:

3 TV Show

3.1 Person of Interest created by Jonathan Nolan

3.2 The Newsroom created by Aaron Sorkin

3.3 Mare of Easttown created by Brad Ingelsby

3.4 Love, Death & Robots (LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS) created by Tim Miller

Some selected episodes:

4 Anime

5 Website

6 Music

6.1 Rock

6.2 Classical Music

6.3 Post-Rock

6.4 Choir

6.5 Misc

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For "List of stuff I enjoy"

Author Zhenghao Wu
Publish & Update Date 2019-04-15 - 2021-07-31
Tags summary List Hobby Music Anime Movie Website Book Article

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