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YouTube Channels

List of YouTube Channels I Found Interesting

Zhenghao Wu


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22.06.07 Updates

Techno Tim

A software engineer shares knowledge and live demos about server stuff (especially self-hosting servers and home lab). I have learned a lot about Docker, Kubernetes, and reverse proxy after seeing his video.


The YouTube algorithm pushed this author to my timeline with a video about Segmented Displays. His content is well organized with enough content and sound visualizations—an excellent source for learning new stuff (or old stuff in a new way).

Just A Printer

A man working for a publishing company, all content about how to make publish products and maintenance printer. This is a video tour about his print shop.

Initial Recommendations


A band from Sweden. The creator of Marble Machine and Marble Machine X (Building Playlist). They make great music and engineering content.

Rob Scallon

American musician, list some videos I really enjoy:


A Channel about security devices (locks mostly), and his lockpicking technique is amazing!

Stuff Made Here

Shane Wighton, engineer. Making videos about his random idea (quite interesting). Mind-blowing crafting and coding ability.

Auto-aiming bow vs. FLYING targets

Adam Neely

NYC-based bass player and composer, Interesting music theory.


A man writes programs and explains computer science.

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