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500 Hours in 307

A Work for My Photography Course Project

Zhenghao Wu

This work is the final project of the Photography FE (Free Elective) Course. It shows how I am “living” in classroom 307 of the laboratory building.

In June 2019, about to be my senior year, I started my graduation project. Academic research requires long-term devotion, so classroom 307, as our stronghold, became where I spent the longest time in my last year of college (since COVID-19 destroyed the second semester). I spent more than 500 hours staying in that place. To study, do experiments, rest, and entertain.

I thought of four scenes to show my feeling. All of the photos are shot staged in an exaggerated style (staged photography). I try to add as many details as possible to incorporate a subtle mood into the picture.

I finished this Collection in Dec. 2019.

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For "500 Hours in 307"

Author Zhenghao Wu
Publish & Update Date 2022-04-07
Tags School Collection
Camera Sony A7R3
Camera Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM
Medium Digital
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