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Outside Windowsill

The window of my room is facing west. Clear view, not blockage. A perfect place for seeing the gorgeous sunset.

I can’t really remember when and why I start taking photos from the window. Maybe because of the breathtaking scenery, or just some casual shots. But the first one I can find on my Instagram is taken in March 2014.

Haven’t thought about making it into a series or project since the beginning. But I have shot a lot of these since 2014 and I think it will be interesting to make it into a series. And this is the result, hope you enjoy it.

Most of the photo I took was using my phone or iPad. All photos/video was published on my Instagram.





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For "Outside Windowsill"

Author Zhenghao Wu
Publish & Update Date 2020-12-25
Tags Home Mobile Phone Photography Instagram Collection
Camera iPad Air OnePlus 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Medium Digital
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